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Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited

Our methods focus around bringing our clients’ visions into the real world – and we make sure they get what they want, rather than push what we think they should have.

We value relationships with our clients and audience far more than we do our own creative process or management skills, since an event is simply a method for communicating on a grand scale. One idea expressed well and understood clearly by the audience – and creating a connection. We believe that single motive should be the driver for anyone involved in this industry.

Connections initiate change, they develop, they build and grow. We get to share in that growth. Since our business relies on the success of yours, we have a vested interest in helping you achieve your goals.

The Team

Loren Taylor

Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited

Loren Taylor became an Event Manager in 1996, with all previous employment working towards that. She incorporated Loren Taylor Events Creative on June 30, 2005 with the primary purpose of formalizing this uninterrupted single business focus. So although relatively new as a company, Loren Taylor Events Creative represents a level of long-term stability uncommon in this industry.

Energetic, driven, and dedicated to the final outcome, Loren is the total package. Her approach is both collaborative and realistic, always working to see that desires, tastes, budgets and timeframes can indeed come together to deliver a real-world result.


Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited

Motivated Project Manager and Co-producer with solid experience in managing all levels of large scale projects as well as managing budgets and administration to support the LTEC team.

Highly effective talent and entertainment manager for the past 17 years with professional experience working in the entertainment and sporting industry. An innovative director and producer brings a comprehensive background in large scale corporate events, concerts and sporting codes. Lynda assists Loren in building high performance teams with an eye for creative, innovative and entertaining pieces with commercial appeal.

Frank Taylor

Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited

On-site foreman. Although this may not be a traditional executive position in an event management company, we consider it essential. Once we take over, most locations spend the time leading up to the event looking like a building site – so it makes sense to treat them like one. Frank oversees set design, construction and installation, pack-ins, props management, and pack-out.

Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited Loren Taylor Events Creative Limited